Trojans are trash. Not USC athletes, the condoms.

Lifestyles, NYC condoms and whatever else is out there that's dry, thick and gross are all trash.

And I wouldn't be so annoyed with these brands if my preferred brand of prophylactic wasn't so hard to find and so damned expensive.

I must've been to every pharmacy in Brooklyn looking for Kimono Condoms. In case you are unfamiliar, Kimonos are the worlds most reliable condom. They are also hella thin and perfectly lubed. I came across them when I worked in the health education office in college and have been a fan since. And it was super easy to acquire them in college because I got my school to purchase and give them out for free. Yes I know I'm a shero.

Anyhoo, since leaving college I know exactly where I can start my search for Kimonos: any gayborhood. Praise Teen Gay Jesus for gay neighborhoods in major cities. Your local Walgreens has a trash selection of condoms and lubes. But walk into all sorts of businesses in gayborhoods across the world and you will find Kimonos, and all sorts of other fun, safe and sexy sh!t.

So that's what I did. I parked my car on Christopher St. (heart of 1 of NYC's gayborhoods) and after two pharmacies failed me I walked over to my fave sex shop where I found a wide selection of Kimonos.

In short, thank goodness for Gay men, and their safer sex habits. 👍🏽