I spent last night cracking up at the cinema watching Girls Trip, the funniest movie I've seen in YEARS.

Everything you heard about the film is true, it is wonderful, and is a perfect vehicle to introduce most movie fans to the fantastically funny and brilliant
Tiffany Haddish. I cannot say enough about my fellow #BlackGirlUnicorn Tiffany Haddish, who I have loved for YEARS and am so glad to see her getting her shine. #SheReady

It was really Haddish's role as Dina that holds the film together and connected with me most. Primarily because she keeps shit real and always is looking out for her girls.

Dina made me grateful and feel #Blessed as I watched the movie with my very first friend, who used to get me in so much trouble, but taught me to be proud of being a weirdo. Dina made me miss my homie Blacktress who is kicking ass in the comedy game and reminded me of who I am every time LA tried to break me. And she made me think of my main gay who got me all the way together when I was waffling on a dude I'm seeing. And my favorite Dominicana who keeps me outta my head and gives me permission to have and be fun.

Everyone needs a Dina in their life. A friend who loves you no matter what, is always ready to kick some arse, and is ten thousand tons of fun. If you are lucky, like me, all of your friends will have a little bit of Dina.

Cheers to the girlfriends: the friends who keep you together when the rest of the world is bent on dimming your shine. 🙌🏾