It's been over a year since I started my #DamnTheManWorkouts and I've made amazing progress. But that's not what I wanna share.

What I wanna share is the support I get from my fellow runners. No one is more supportive of a fat girl running than advanced runners on the jogging path.

Each morning that I drag my arse out to run, there are always at least five other runners who give me a head nod of encouragement, a thumbs up or a smile. I've even gotten high fives!

Being the fat girl among the other runners, I stand out. The majority of runners are super fit and glide down the path. It can be hella intimidating to run or walk on the same path as them. Which is why it's so awesome how supportive they are.

I started this journey a year ago alone. And I still prefer to run alone. Yet as I prepare for my first race, I'm glad to see my fellow runners cheering me on.