As the clouds gathered this afternoon I could see the storm progressing from my office window. Then the thunder came and I remembered that I ran out the house this morning without my umbrella. 

Here’s the thing: I lived in Southern California for many years, at the height of the drought, so remembering to bring an umbrella with me wherever I go is a habit I haven’t quite adapted yet. By the time I left for work I had resigned myself to being sopping wet on my commute home. 

And just as I was about to throw myself into the downpour a woman comes to me and asks “Are you going to the train? Do you want to share my umbrella?”

Y’all. YALL!!!!!

This angel appeared just when I needed a hand. And we ran across the street and into the subway with minimal dampness. 

I’m super grateful for her and all of those who know me who lend a helping hand during my times of need.