My morning commute was beautiful. The express train was experiencing delays, which meant that when it arrived it was already packed. I got on and at the next stop someone got off leaving an empty seat behind. The brother closest to the seat offered it to me, so I sat down. 

While jamming to my Rihanna playlist, I noticed an elderly doña get on the train, so I passed on the kindness and gave her my seat. GUESS WHAT?! 

At the very next stop someone else got off and this other dude offered me the new available seat!

New Yorkers get a bad rap for our rudeness.  And as I always say, we aren’t rude, we are simply focused on our business. And it hasn’t only been my fellow commuters showing me kindness. 

Yesterday as I was dozing off at work I decided to head down to the Starbucks and get a giant black tea. My barista and I had a loverly chat about Bruno Mars and then when my drink was ready, the other barista told me “I hope you have the safest NY day!” 

The world is nutzo right now. This week has seen a few months worth of tragedy and scandal. For this young man to wish me safety was such a wonderful source of light in my day. 

So as the world is crazy, and we each are dealing with our own struggles it has been a true blessing for me to have these beautiful gestures of kindness to allow me to keep moving #onward. 
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