It’s a tale as old as the the post-Civil Rights era: seemingly progressive white person does some awful racist shit, has friend of offended group come to prove white person isn’t a racist. 

Currently this cycle is being hashed out with Bill Maher and Michael Eric Dyson. MED turned to the Twitta to come to the aid of noted racist Bill Maher. I mean when Ben Affleck is yelling at you for your racist shite, you’ve definitely gone too far. 

Anyhoo, MED will be joining Maher’s show this week after Sen. Al Franken pulled out cuz Franken doesn’t wanna catch Maher’s racism (in my estimation). 

It’s at times like these that I find it is really important to remind my white friends, and really my non-Black friends: I AM NOT THAT KIND OF BLACK FRIEND! 

You do some effed up sh!t, guess who won’t come to your aid? *raises hand vigorously*ME! 

Just cuz you and I are cool does not mean you aren’t a piece of shite trash oppressor to others. And I will be damned if I leverage the support of my community so that you will still like me. NO NO NOOOOOO! 

Because befriending people of color by white folks, or Queer folks by straight folks  (et al) doesn’t completely absolve us of being good humans. YOU MUST DO THE WORK! 

And what MED is doing by cooning for Maher is letting him off the hook of doing the damn work. MED also is straining ties with his own community which is a bad move in these times of Trumpito. He needs us. 

So now that we’ve got that out the way, don’t say nigger if you ain’t Black. Don’t say “well no one should say it, it’s a terrible word.” Listen, until you are a Black child being called a nigger by some racist white man in New Jersey you don’t get to tell me or any other Black person what to say. GOT IT?! 

Good. Now let’s all continue our day being good humans.