Can I get real for a minute? Are we in the trust tree? 

I fully understand how detrimental white supremacy is. I truly do. So take it from me when I say, HALF TRUTHS WON’T SAVE YOU! 

Barack Obama wasn’t the messiah of Negros, in fact he played Black folks more than any other group. He did his eight years, let’s move on.  Also, we (descendants of Enslaved Africans) did not all come from kings & queens. It is statistically impossible that all of the Africans forced to labor in the Americas were all kings & queens, especially when you deal with the fact that West Africans sold us to the white man! 

But one thing at a time. I spent this weekend at Dance Africa in Brooklyn and the levels of pride in half truths really annoyed me. All the Barack worship, and fake arse rage wrapped in respectability was on FLEEK.  Black people, my people we have so many reasons for pride. We don’t need to rely on half truths (aka LIES) to be proud of our heritages. 

Like it is ok to admit that Barack Obama rode into the Oval on the legacy of Black liberation movements of generations past and he did practically nothing to further those legacies. 

Is it also ok to admit that more of us descended from goat herders than kings & queens?

Like what’s wrong with goat herders? You ever had goat cheese? That ish is fuckin amazing! Goats milk is a natural marvel! All tart and creamy and digestible. We have goat herders to thank!  

I know folks like to stick with the Alex Haley version of capture, but it’s incomplete*. Yeah some Africans were captured. And some were already slaves sold to the whites by West Africans. And those West Africans had all sorts of ways to contribute to their communities. So let’s honor that contribution! 

And while honoring their contribution let’s get real about Bam too. It’s ok to say that it’s huge that four Black women lived in the White House and were not the help. Like that’s way dope. But that dude left much to be desired while talking down to Black folks. Don’t let the power of the presidency fool you. 

Power is nice, and so is respecting everyone. Our ancestors don’t need to be royalty to earn respect. #GoatHerdersMatter 

*Alex Haley also stole the story of Kunta Kente, to be completely honest.