Dude. DUDE. I spent two days with my niece & nephew and I’m DONE. I’m on Aunty Strike. What am I striking for? TIME FOR MYSELF!!!!!

YOU mother people are nutzo. Not just mothers, involved parents, but mostly mothers cuz sexism. 

Listen. Are you listening? Kids are exhausting! These little people who don’t pay bills or contribute in ways that aren’t their absolute adorability have opinions and shit. And then they DO NOT STOP MOVING! 

   And then, THEN!,  when it’s mad late in the night these people have the nerve to have energy! 

But then they do something super adorable and it’s as if they didn’t just spend the last hour sucking the entirety of your life force out of you through your ears. 

So shout out to mothers (aka all super involved parents) who do this everyday and don’t abandon their children cuz y’all have a tolerance for irritability that I will never have. #Salute