This past weekend the class of 2017 of Bethune-Cookman College was faced with an act of aggression. Bethune-Cookman, an HBCU in Florida was started by Mary McLeod-Bethune an educator who supposedly raised money for the college by selling pies. Let that sink in. This woman wanted to ensure that Black women had access to education so much that she had a mega bake sale and the school still exists TODAY! 

Imagine being part of Bethune’s legacy, getting your degree and being faced with the task of respectfully listening to Betsy Devils, the secretary of education, who DOES NOT believe in public education AND ruined the school system in Detroit, at your own graduation. 

Couldn’t be me. Wouldn’t be me. Shit, in college I was always ready to fight the power, and often did. As a sophomore the president of my PWI knew me by name (my government is hella hard to pronounce) because I spent my free time cursing his existence in public meetings. I also called him a disrespectful nickname to his face. We made our peace when I graduated tho. 


The folks running Bethune-Cookman will be left behind when we Blaxit. It was an act of aggression to have Devils speak at the commencement ceremony, and brava to the class of 2017 for turning their backs on that POS. 

Like the pic above says, there are so many microaggressions one experiences as a Black student at a PWI. There are also hella microaggressions one experiences as a Black student at HBCUs. Hampton’s president with his bullshit dress code for business students, is racist and a serious microaggression. And as Bethune-Cookman’s president showed us, big ole giant acts of racist aggression can happen at HBCUs too. 

Anyhoo, brava to the bold students of the class of 2017. You did your families and selves proud by standing against evil. #Salute