I am an introverted misanthrope loner. Wanna get me outta my shell? Ask me anything about football.  I promise not to ever stop talking. 

And that means the NFL Draft is one of my most favorite days of the year! 

I wasn’t always like this. Before I moved to America I only cared about playoff NBA basketball and baseball when the Yankees were good. Then I moved out of NYC and into the rest of America where I was introduced to the nation’s true past time: football. 

Once I got hooked on the nerdiest of jock narcotics, fantasy football, there was no turning back for me.  And that means football is a year round affair. 

Like the start of Free Agency, Draft Day is ten tons of fun! It’s a great opportunity to assess the incoming talent but also the strength and weaknesses of all 32 teams, vital information for a Fantasy Football Goddess like myself. 

Last year’s draft was filled with drama as a video of Laremy Tunsil was leaked on the Twitta hours before the draft and Tunsil fell out of the Top 5. This year the drama has not disappointed as the Browns made a reasonable first pick, and Chicago traded up to throw away the second pick on Trubisky. 

And I’m here for it. I got my crochet needle, and some Girl Scout cookies to enjoy all of the football goodness. Taking notes on how defenses are shaping up, late round back up RBs & WRs for my fantasy team, and maybe some sleeper rookie starters. 

FOOTBALL season soon come. And yes I am ALWAYS ready for some football.