Little girls are kind of amazing and super useful. Everyone who wants to parent should have one. 

Listen, I spend a lot of time with my god sons, nephews, and other children that belong to close friends: mostly boys. And excluding everyone under the age of 3: the girls are top notch and I figured out why. 

Initially I thought it was inate, you know that ancient saying ‘Girls Rule, Boys Drool’? Without further investigation I may have been ok with that. The problem is I have a cousin who has the most amazing sons in all of the galaxy. So how could it be that her two sons are so awesome and they aren’t girls? 

I did some field work. 

I took my friend’s 7 year old daughter to Target. She scanned and bagged everything I bought. At the grocery store she made suggestions of things I could buy.  She explained what aShopkin is! AMAZINGNESS! 

I’ve seen this amazingness in other girls as well. I’ve seen girls help their parents on the train, the craft store, on walks to school! I even watched a girl who could not have been older than seven help her mom shop in the wild wild world of Trader Joe’s on a Saturday! The lil homie was reading ingredients, checking things off the grocery list,  organizing the food in the cart! And guess what her father was doing? 


That’s when it hit me: This is not innate, it’s modeling. It’s not all girls that are awesome, it’s girls with super awesome moms who are amazing. They see their moms being dope, and they emulate said dopeness. 

This also fits my theory that bad kids aren’t trash, their parents are. 

But you know what do I know? I ain’t got no kids.  I just borrow other people’s kids,  fill them with sugar, and send them back to their keepers with a sugar high.