I find the rise of soca and afrobeats to be very curious. Very curious. 

Now don’t get me wrong I love soca. I truly do. It makes me wannaaaaaaaaa


And I work up a sweat to the Afrobeats. In fact my entire cardio playlist is made up exclusively of soca and afrobeats. 

And yet the rise in popularity of soca and afrobeats is rather curious. Because it happened after a one Mr. Vybez Cartel was jailed in Jamaica. 

Now I’m not saying that this is fact, just a potential theory: Trinidadian soca artists, led by Machel Montano & Destra, conspired with West African afrobeats artists to bring down Vybez and the quality/popularity of dancehall music. 

 I can just see them meeting in some hole in the wall club in South London hating on the shine of dancehall. Then someone hatched a plan to attack Vybez with a demon duppy to make all the melanin in his skin disappear. Then once he was looking like a creature from Hades, he got mixed up with all sorts of nonsense and his downfall was imminent. Once the giant fell, the international popularity of the music followed suit. 

Yes there are good bashment tunes every once in a while. Konshens has a permanent place in my heart, but he ain’t Vybez, Awo. And nationalism being what it is even among the diaspora of all of the potential conspirators, this is at least a little bit possible. 
But for real I miss Vybez and I miss the big dancehall tunes.  I’m ready for a bashment renaissance.