This morning the rapper TI was saying some very unkind things about his soon to be exwife Tiny on the radio, and the Twitta turned into the peanut gallery. 

TI took on a Future (King of Ashy Twitter*) type quality and became the hero of Ashy Twitter. Ashy Twitter is composed of broke dudes who firmly believe that because they are men women should bend over backwards to cater to their life devoid of lotion or money. They say things like “You should be glad that a man wants to take you to McDonalds” as if getting a man to take me to an establishment that I won’t go to alone is a treat. 

Anyhoo, as Ashy Twitter continued to applaud TI and pretend that Tiny was lucky to have him, many literate and smooth skinned women reminded the ashy hords that Tiny was already famous and an established artist in Xscape when Tip rolled into her life with his basketball team of children and felony charges. 

This reminded me of this weekend when my ten year old nephew learned that Jay-Z is married to Beyoncé. He could not believe it and he looked at me like I was trying to trick him when he asked me “How did he get her to marry him?” 

And that’s how it should be. How do men get any of us women to speak to, hook up with, fuck, marry, care about, or love them? Everyday three women are killed by their husbands/boyfriends, on average. Like it’s actually life threatening to date men and Ashy Twitter has the nerve to make demands. 🙄

Anyhoo. Women we are amazing. I wish you joy and laughter today. Be like the dude in the picture for this post. Keep shining! 

*Future is a rapper who had a child with Ciara, currently married to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Future lies publicly in the media about Ciara and his fans send hateful messages to Ciara, even though it’s been proven by court documents that Future is an absentee parent and Ciara is a great mom. Ashy Twitter has cost Ciara business opportunities.