When you are 5 everything is awesome. That super catchy tune from The Lego Movie must’ve come straight from the mind of a preschooler. 

I recently took my baby nephew to visit a museum and his immense sense of wonder turned our outing into an epic adventure. 

To be clear he is 5, but the youngest of my nephews, and super adorable as he continued to show me during our adventure. So he’s the baby nephew. 

First we rode the subway. Standing in front of the doors, he was fascinated by our reflection. He initially called it a shadow, so we started to discuss the difference between the two. 

There was the shouting out all the things he saw as the train went over a bridge. Then someone started singing on the train. 

To be clear, my nephew doesn’t ride the subway often.  So this performance blew his mind. When the guy was done he asked for donations then left the car. My nephew turned to me and says “That was amazing!” I busted out laughing. 

And that was the ride on the subway. Everything was awesome or amazing and we still weren’t at the museum! 

I take the subway more than I want to, but that ride with the 5 year old will always remind me that even something as normal as a subway ride can be an amazing adventure.