“Are you on facebook?” When the question comes from a coworker the answer is always NO. 

I could go into a whole thing about how o use my social media to stay connected to my family and close friends and don’t connect with work coworkers in that way. Instead I talk about privacy concerns with social media and how I deleted all my accounts 6 years ago. 

While I did in fact delete my accounts 6 years ago, I have new accounts where I post about my nipple piercing, rant against Barack Obama, troll white feminists and their sympathizers, and discuss my upbringing in a Black nationalist polygamous cult. This is information reserved for my close friends. And while I have recently been shifting the privacy settings on my accounts I still feel that fbook is a great place to get off a quick rant or inappropriate joke. 

So no, I ain’t telling you my facebook info. I don’t use my government on there, so please let it go.