My favorite time in my city is spring. While my skin is absolutely flawless during the fall, and autumn fashions always work for me, spring always feels like a communal awakening. 

After a tedious day of rat racing, I emerged from the subway in the East Village to a burst of energy. It felt renewed, joyous, and the feeling was accompanied by a buzz that sang out “REJOICE SPRING IS HERE!” 

Doesn’t matter that last week we got a whole lotta snow. Doesn’t matter that tomorrow it’s supposed to be brick arse cold. Today we all are enjoying it. 

It’s almost as if during winter we are in Eveline’s sweatshop, our coats are the coverings we need to handle the toxic fumes and abuse. Then spring comes and Eveline aka winter, dies. She’s flushed down the toilet and BOOM we are reborn! 

I’m so ready for grass laying, day drinking and long evenings on the stoop. 

For now the extra hour of daylight is just the shot of vitamin D I need to reset my energy after a long day.