While I willingly admit that I am a prude, it wasn’t my first time in a sex shop. This particular visit was, like the nipple pasties pictured above, quite memorable. 

I’d arrived in the West Village on the hunt for my favorite brand of condoms: Kimono condoms. If you aren’t familiar with Kimonos stop reading, do some googling and upgrade your safer sex life. 

Anyhoo, I entered one of the less pervy, women friendly sex shops and it was almost empty except for a couple asking questions about sex toys they were interested in. As I stretched my nosey ears to hear what they were asking about I was really impressed with their relationship. They were uninhibited with each other, cracking jokes with the saleswoman, and pointing out things in the store they wanted to look into for their next visit. That couple was #RelationshipGoals. 

I suppose most use that hashtag for couples who seem good on paper, but relationships don’t exist on paper but in the real world. They are lived and messy and hard work and hopefully enjoyable. A couple like the one I came across that had fun shopping for sex toys is the kind of relationship I think everyone should aspire to. 

So cheers to the freaky couples out there having fun in and out of their bedrooms (or wherever freaks like y’all bone)!