I hate the “I hate movies with Black people as slaves & maids,” commentary with a deep raging passion. Mostly because it comes from people who buy into the fallacy that what one labors as one is the entirety of who that person is. 

Yea I get it, Black folks in subservient roles is a racist trope heavily relied on in media, films, literature etc. I also get that because of that racist trope, the experiences of our ancestors are rarely told in humanizing and complete ways. Which means there are millions of stories yet to be told. And you know what? I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THEM, as fully embodied human characters with hopes, dreams, fears, desires. We have barely scraped the surface.  

I love being a descendant of enslaved Africans who worked the cotton and sugar cane fields in the States & the Caribbean. They withstood atrocities that I cannot even begin to imagine and somehow continued to honor their own humanity despite insurmountable odds to their humanity being broadly recognized. Their persistence in making a way out of no way is literally the reason I exist! 

Their stories are my story. And as a history nerd, I am always ready to read, hear and see more about how I came to be.