Me! I am celebrating being Single & Fabulous!* today for Single Awareness Day. My Instagram feed is chock full ‘o’ sappy couples declaring their love for each other. And that’s nice and cute I guess, but today I’m choosing to make the object of my affections me! 

Today I showed myself  love in different ways. 

I got 7 hours of sleep last night. 

I remembered to wear my glasses today, so my eyes won’t hurt at work. 

I wore my Berlei bra. It supports my boobs, keeps ’em perky, and is sooooo comfortable. 

I’m wearing super lush fabrics, including a royal blue sweater that is the coziest thing I’ve ever owned. 

I treated myself to a soy milk tea this morning. #Yum

I’m disengaging from white nonsense with the help of my Black Feminist Mixtape & curt answers. 

Later tonight I’ll join with other Single &  Fabulous! folks for celebratory dranks and debauchery. 

The main way I show myself love is by working out. Nothing makes me feel as loved as the high I’m on after a great workout. It’s as if I’m floating. And with all of the heavy bullshite going on these days any moments free of madness are to be treasured. 

So yes love is in the air, and today I choose to revel in self love. ❤️

*The exclamation point is not a grammatical error.