My true reaction when I found out who the next president will be was I am ready to work for the resistance.  I have mad skills, non-Obamacare health insurance and live in a state with resources & anti-discrimination laws. 

Black folks, Latino folks, Gay folks, disabled folks, Muslim folks,   folks who are assumed to be any of the above who live in red state amerikkka don’t have the privileges I have. Someone needs to stand with them. And images that refer to the places they live as “Dumbfuckistan” tell me that all the whining “liberals” in coastal metro areas are indifferent to their suffering. 

I’ve spent time in the Deep South, lived in the Midwest and on both coasts. What I know for true is that those aren’t the only places people have an interest in sustaining white supremacy, homophobia, and all the other isms of dominator culture. In the safety of your “liberal” blue state metro area, you don’t get to look down on anyone, especially  at the expense of those who are the most vulnerable to the shite that’s about to hit the fan. 

Have some effing compassion. Stop being indifferent to the suffering of others. And start thinking about how to better support all those whose access to abortion care will be impacted, who will live in places where the Klan will ride freely and proudly, where they have little to no recourse in their communities or the courts for justice. 

It’s not funny, it’s offensive. Also the maps don’t accurately reflect this past election.