You don’t get to cry. You are not in danger. You are a wealthy white woman who does not know struggle. You are not actually endangered. In fact the election results are done in your name. 

Don’t give me this ‘not in my name’ bull or ‘not all white people’ crap. Your family members elected a known white supremacist to benefit all white folks. That includes you. 

We who live in the margins, we are targets, we are endangered. You do not get to coopt our pain under the guise of benevolence. 

Stop sulking. What are you gonna do? How are you gonna disrupt the peril that is waiting for those of us in the margins? Or will you even think to do that. 

No you do not get to cry. You do not get to try to distinguish yourself from your people with a hashtag. Your family members who are threatened by my kinky hair, three degrees, and presence in spaces designed for white folx, gifted this election to a white supremacist to preserve your legacy. 

Now will you accept this, or stand against it. Will you put your body on the line to protect those of us on the margins? Or will you hide behind the comforts of your life?