“Our friendship will not be the same ever again!,” is not what you want to hear being yelled at a bachelorette party. What’s worse is it was yelled at the bride. 

There is something about weddings that tests the relationships of girlfriends. I don’t understand it, mainly because the concept of a lifetime commitment to anything or one literally fills me with an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. So when my girlfriends get engaged/married I am literally in awe of their bravery. I’m also super happy for them because they are happy. 

Who wants miserable friends? I’m known to be a curmudgeon, and I never seek out other curmudgeons. My friends are literally the funnest people I know. They are also amazing, and deserve all the wonderfulness the universe has to offer to the infinite power. So when they get married, and get to be the center of attention, and get all the gifts*, and all the parties, and all the shine, I’m usually there crying tears of joy & dancing like it’s 1999. 

The jealousy between girlfriends has got to stop. Maybe it’s just the girls I know. Anyhoo, when your girlfriend gets shine, you find a bigger light to extend the shine. You celebrate her. It’s hard enough in this world being a woman.  When it’s time to celebrate any of the women in your life because of graduations, new babies, promotions, husbands, new cars, paying off student loans, dammit CELEBRATE! 

You also stand up for your friends. So when the bride, one of my favorite people and closest friends, was getting yelled at at her bachelorette party I stood up for her. I shut that shit down and got rid of the b!tch. Cuz I’ll be damned if some trick is gonna ruin my homegirl’s fun. 

The moral of the story is being a good friend always means celebrating your girlfriend. ALWAYS. And if you mess up on that front, apologize and make it right. Friends are blessings, and if you have any, treat them right. 

*For true tho, we as a society need to figure out how to celebrate single people as much as those who choose to take the plunge if only for all the gifts, 😜.