*Spoiler Alert*

Lyanna Motherfucking Mormont is that truth!

Jon & Sansa rolled up like, ‘Aww, you are adorable. I remember when you were born.’ Lyanna was like, I’m done with the small talk what you want?

Her clap back is so hard, she was like hold up ain’t no Starks here, Jon is a bastard and Sansa are you a Lannister or a Bolton?

She is about her business, and takes her role seriously. She ain’t out here putting her folk in danger for no one. And she was quick to remind both Sansa & Jon that her mother died for Rob.

If it wasn’t for Ser Davos, the Stark kids would’ve never gotten the 62 soldiers Lyanna provided. I wonder if they got free Black folk on Bear Island?

I’m here for more Lyanna, lil homie don’t suffer fools. Ready to see where her storyline goes.

Featured Image Source: Geekspace