I stopped believing in democracy in 1993. I was in the fourth grade.

To say I don’t give a shit is an overstatement, after all my people were beaten, battered, bruised, and killed for the right to vote.* So I do vote, I just don’t get super amped about it.
Thus I am always taken aback every presidential election cycle when most of the electorate awakes from their slumber to pretend to care. Yes pretend because the problems that matter in an election year matter all the time, and showing up to vote on a Tuesday every four years is not going to fix those problems. 
The pageantry of the electorate with their histrionics, and ultimatums, and “this is the most important election of our lifetime” bullshit is fascinating to watch. It’s also a fun time to troll. 

Oh the joy of listening to someone, so invested in one election, talk about ish they have no clue about. It’s my favorite part of having to suffer through an election year.  I like to draw the empassioned voter out with non-threatening questions, or pretend to be perplexed by the entire process, then go in for the kill and watch as they question all that they ever believed was good and right in the world. *insert nefarious laugh here*

Because while I don’t care about presidential elections, I know they don’t care about these issues. As soon as the inauguration is over most return to the 4 year slumber, sleeping as the new president does nothing that was promised, and all the problems that were so important don’t improve one bit. 

And the cycle continues…
*Voter suppression is alive and well, especially since SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County. This decision came down in 2013, not an election year, so the overzealous likely missed it.