They gotta win, and they gotta do it this year because Mean Dad LeBron is not fun to watch. I don’t care what type of brujeria they need in that locker room and during this series but it has to be NOW!

Remember young LeBron? All adorable and babyfaced, taking pictures on the court, having FUN!!!!!! Yea he’s gone, Mean Dad killed him when he returned to Cleveland.

Mean Dad is the WORST!

Want to watch the Raptors’ dancers perform? Nope, Mean Dad is just gonna walk into their routine. Wanna hear the starting lineup introduced with fan fare? Nah, Mean Dad put a stop to that. MEAN DAD must go!

For the love of all that is fun and holy in the NBA (and the NBA is THE fun league) we must all join forces to see fit that Mean Dad Lebron dies at the end of this season and that the Cavs beat the Warriors.

And I don’t care how unlikely it is, it needs to happen. Whatever it takes.

Just Do It!