I was driving through Park Slope on my way home one evening when I spotted an interracial couple; Black man with a white woman. The Black dude was a bit pudgy and wearing the saddest get up of way too tight khakis and  an ill fitting button down. He was sorta goofy, and his white woman partner was so happy holding his hand as they trotted down 6th Ave.

I’ve grown considerably since my youth when I deemed any Black man married/fucking/dating a white woman to be a race traitor. When I got to college my best friend ended up being a mixie, which rocked my entire world view. It was rocked again when I met her parents. Once the political becomes personal, inflexible opinions tend to shatter.  As they should.

That was over 10 years ago. These days I could care less, unless the brotha is a herb. In those cases I’m grateful that a white woman is putting up with said herb brotha for my benefit

It seems odd, but some brothas are awful, or corny, or boring, or hoteps. The energy that is required in putting up w them is too high a price to pay. Thankfully someone out there is willing.

So cheers to the white women taking the herb brothers outta my dating pool. I salute you!